What to do when you can't post photos of the bride and groom online?

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Have you ever shot a wedding where, due to the couples jobs, you aren't allowed to post photos of the couples faces? Yesterday I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding at the Trump Winery in VA ( Yes, it's owned by Donald Trump, our president.) But what was I going to do to for my portfolio for the day? Then I had an idea. Why get a ton of detail shots? Photos that showed off the beauty of the venue mixed with detail shots that couples know and love.

This place was beautiful. Boasting 1,300 acres consisting of gorgeous lakes and acres of grape trellis systems, it's definitely a sight to see.

The beauty didn't stop there!

This may not seem like much, but to me it's always about the little things. The hustle of the day makes it to where the couple may not be able to see everything that's done for them. This also gives you a chance to share things on social media without an invasion of their privacy.


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Did you think I'd let you guys slide out of 2016 with a FREE session contest? So here's how to enter and what to do!

First, post a photo of your favorite holiday moment. Anything from a picture with Santa, to the joy on your little ones face when they open that awesome Minecraft Xbox one!

Second, share your post (the one from my page that you posted so I can keep up with the likes) to all your friends and get them to like the photo.

Third, make sure they also like my page!

The photo with the most likes by the end of the January wins! That's over a month to stack up those likes!!!!

So rules again,
Post a photo on my page and get all your friends to like it. Make sure they also like my page for the likes to count! Most likes by the end of January wins a free session!!!

Good luck everyone and Happy Holidays!

New Venue!

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 One thing I love about taking photos at weddings other than being able to see how happy couples are is to be able to go to new places that I probably would've never seen without doing photography. This week was no exception. I FINALLY got to shoot a wedding at the Tredegar iron works! It was such a beautiful venue and the staff couldn't have been better.